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Program Coordinator

The Bluewater Education Foundation values diversity in the workplace. Based on the nature of this position, and pursuant to Part II of the special employment guidelines of the Ontario Human Rights Code, Indigenous ancestry is regarded as directly relevant to the skills and knowledge required for the success of this position and its impact to the Foundation.

The Bluewater Education Foundation is looking for a capable and enthusiastic Program Coordinator for programming during the months of May – August, 2024.

We have received grant funding to develop site-specific, Indigenous land-use based educational programs, delivered throughout Grey/Bruce to children, youth, and adults. This project will allow us to deliver on our vision of providing immersive experiences in nature and encouraging personal commitment to environmentally sustainable actions in the communities we serve, growing a stronger connection to the land throughout the region.

This project, and the program it leads to, will allow us to support outdoor education, connection, and experience throughout the region, regardless of the costs or limitations on travel that might be imposed by future pandemics, inflation (especially in the cost of fuel), or other unanticipated setbacks.

The focus on Indigenous land use is an intentional choice that we hope will increase the sustainability of the program - learning in and about nature can happen anywhere, because nature is everywhere. Learning about the natural world where we are will allow future generations to value the environment where they are.

This position will be funded in May and June through the Community Services Recovery Fund, and in July and August through Canada Summer Jobs. The successful candidate will be between 15-30 years of age and eligible to work in Canada to meet the terms of the funding.

The Program Coordinator position is full time (35 hours/week on average) commencing on or around May 13th, 2024 and finishing on or around August 30th, 2024. This position will require working some weekends, holidays, and evenings.

The Program Coordinator will review program materials to build familiarity with them. She will then schedule opportunities for delivery of the program with community partners, at community events, and anywhere else that suits the goals of the program, providing the program free of charge.

The Program Coordinator will work with the Program Interpreter to thoroughly plan the delivery of the program, ensure the required materials are available and onsite, and collect information on attendees of the program. She will supervise and assist with the Interpreter’s delivery of the program, and report regularly on the success and challenges faced during program delivery.
The Program Coordinator will develop and pursue opportunities moving forward to deliver the program to a paid audience, as well as training school board and community partners on the program, to allow them to deliver it to their own client base.

Pending available time, resources, and programming, the successful candidates may also assist with projects or delivery of public programming that will take place at the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre during their term of employment.
Rate of Pay:

This position is paid hourly at a rate of $22.00-28.00/hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

3092 Bruce Road 13, Wiarton, ON, Canada

$22.00 - $28.00/Hour

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